ArtSmart Lesson #2:

Lesson #1: Wednesday, February 1... Lesson #2: Thursday, February 9... Lesson #3: Wednesday, February 15...

Send e-mails to Mr. P on the MNPS e-mail account. The address is:


Continue writing the play you begun after Lesson #1 in your teams...
The final form of the play (one per team) is due to Mr. P via an
WORD document attachment by Tuesday, February 14...

Notice the pointers below for the focus and direction of your play writing.


* What will the audience see and hear that helps them understand
the story and the characters?

* How will they present the choices their characters make in a critical
moment...when the stakes are high?

* If you feel they're already finished, go a little deeper....see if your
own choices as playwrights can be edited and improved upon...
choosing exactly the right words, in the right "voice", at the right time
for each character.

*Write in script form as much as possible.


Lesson #3
Feb. 15