ArtSmart Lesson #3:

Lesson #1: Wednesday, February 1... Lesson #2: Thursday, February 9... Lesson #3: Wednesday, February 15...

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Present the plays in final form...

The preparation for the TPAC visit will be discussed...

Permission forms to attend the play wil be given...

Notice the pointers below for the focus and direction of your play writing.


* What will the audience see and hear that helps them understand
the story and the characters?

* How will they present the choices their characters make in a critical
moment...when the stakes are high?

* If you feel they're already finished, go a little deeper....see if your
own choices as playwrights can be edited and improved upon...
choosing exactly the right words, in the right "voice", at the right time
for each character.

*Write in script form as much as possible.

Between Visits 2 and 3: 

Some other books that might be of help: Roll of Thunder, Sound the Jubilee,
Chinese Cinderella, Dragonwings, Wade in the Water, Follow the Drinking Gourd, etc.

We'll be discussing our own responsibilities to understand the historical importance
of our everyday choices, etc.

Gather materials (props, costume pieces, etc.) to help stage the plays in the third visit.

Third Visit: A final “revision” of the plays and the performance of each. 
We may make costume pieces, a set rendering, props, etc. 
Students will present their concepts along with final performances of the plays.

For the final visit...students will need some unlined paper (8 1/2" or larger) and
writing utensils - pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers and crayons, etc. 
to draw "renderings" of their costume and set ideas.



Feb. 27