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Mr. P's Policies!

1.  All summative assessments (tests) are eligible for a retake.  Retake forms must be signed and turned in by the Monday before each Retake-Enrichment Wednesday.  The orginal assessment and a parent’s signature must accompany the retake form.  Students MUST show evidence of action steps taken to prepare for the retake.  These may include Mr. P’s screen casts, tutoring after school, doing an additional assignment covering the non-mastered material, Khan Academy and Quizlet to name a few.  School policies may also be found on the Meigs website. 

2. Retake (Item Analysis) Forms…
To re-take a test, students are to attach the original test to the item analysis form and the intervention that’s been used to correct the un-mastered assessed skills. A parent’s signature is also needed.  The retake forms are found in a vertical file rack located on the extra student desk at Table 6 in the classroom. Each particular form is color coded for easy access.  Literacy retake forms are yellow; math retake forms are white; science retake forms are green; and SS retake forms are blue. To see the forms go to http://www.flyparsons.org/retakes.html
FYI: quizzes are found at the class assessment website. Go to parsonsassessments.weebly.com

There are some "retakes" that do not require the retake form since the purpose of retakes is to master 6th grade skills, not correct poor habits of study and perseverance with assignments.
1. To revisit a low grade on Scholastic News, Scholastic Math, Science World, and TFK, students are to write a paragraph for each missed question stating the correct answer and support it with the text.
2. To get a retake grade on a low spelling test, students are to write each missed word correctly 10-15 times to help reinforce the correct spelling of the word.
3. To get a retake grade on a low vocab test, students are to write the full dictionary.com definition to each missed word 5-10 times each. Hopefully this will motivate students to be diligent in preparation for weekly tests. Mr. P has Quizlet available for the entire week leading up to these tests. Students who do not procrastinate and utilize the Quizlet resources throughout the week typically score significantly higher compared to waiting until the night before the test.

Students have multiple ways to be aware of their daily and long-term assignments.  Mr. P goes through the daily and long-term assignments (including projects) on the agenda each day in class.  Students are responsible to copy every piece of information down in his/her agenda.  Mr. P and parents are both to sign the agenda daily.  Mr. P also tweets out a photo of that agenda page each day.  Our class Twitter handle is @meigsmagnet.  Text alerts of this Twitter feed are always available by texting ON @MeigsMagnet to
404-04.  This will subscribe you to all of these photos tweeted by Mr. P. 

PLUS: Mr. P also puts the HW on the HW webpage at http://www.flyparsons.org/hw.html  On that page the daily assignments as well as upcoming due dates are posted. 

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