Field Trip: [Parthenon]

{Wednesday, Dec. 17}...
DEPART: Meigs 2:45PM... ARRIVE: Parthenon 3:00PM...
We will depart Meigs at 2:45PM (at dismissal). Students will need to bring a clipboard, pencil, and the Parthenon Activity Sheets.

Parents and students are responsible for transportation to and from the Parthenon at 2:45PM and approximately 6:00PM.

After visiting the Parthenon, we will go to McDonald's. This will be from about 4:45PM - 6:00PM.

Parthenon: Free!
McD's: parent/student decision...

{Activity Sheets and Links}...
1. Activity Sheet #1: [HERE] [PDF] 2. Activity Sheet #2: [HERE] [PDF]
3. Activity Sheet #3: [HERE] [PDF] 4. Activity Sheet #4: [HERE] [PDF]
5. Activity Sheet #5: [HERE] [PDF] 6. Definitions Sheet #1: [HERE] [PDF]
Get Help with Activity Sheet #1
[HERE]: Athena Facts
[HERE]: Architecture Facts
[HERE]: Parthenon Statistics

Get Help with Activity Sheet #2
[HERE]: Athena
[HERE]: Athena Mythology
[HERE]: Parthenon Virtual Tour
[HERE]: Parthenon Photo Gallery
[HERE]: Parthenon Artwork Gallery

Get Help with #6 (Dictionary#1)
[HERE]: Parthenon Dictionary
Directions for the Above Activities:
Students are to complete Activity Sheet #1, Activity Sheet #2, and Definitions Sheet #1 prior to the Parthenon field trip. These are required to be completed and on a clipboard with each student to be permitted to attend the trip. Students are to print Activity Sheet #3 and bring it along on the clipboard for note-taking during the field trip. Activity Sheet #4 and Activity Sheet #5 are to be printed and completed after the field trip. All activity sheets are due Friday, Jan. 9, 2009.
MORE LINKS for the Parthenon:

More Info About Nashville's Parthenon
[HERE]: Nashville Parthenon's History
[HERE]: Nashville Parthenon Timeline
[HERE]: Athena's Construction

LINKS for the Above Activities:
[HERE]: Nashville's Parthenon Site
[HERE]: Parthenon Dictionary
[HERE]: Act. #2: Athena
[HERE]: Act. #2: Athena Mythology
[HERE]: Parthenon Virtual Tour
[HERE]: Parthenon Photo Gallery
[HERE]: Parthenon Artwork Gallery
[HERE]: Athena Facts
[HERE]: Architecture Facts
[HERE]: Parthenon Statistics
[HERE]: Parthenon Facts

Even MORE LINKS for the Parthenon:

More Info About The Parthenon
[HERE]: Parthenon Pictures
[HERE]: The Real Parthenon
[HERE][PDF]: Parthenon Stuff
[HERE]: Parthenon Marbles

•Click [HERE][PDF] to print a copy of all of Mr. P's Parthenon activity sheet webpage links (from above)...

•Click [HERE] to simply go to the main page of the Nashville Parthenon's website!...

•Click [HERE][PDF] to print a copy of the Parthenon quiz...

1. Permission Note: [HERE] [PDF] 2. Parthenon Activities #1-2: [HERE][PDF]
3. Nashville's Parthenon: [HERE] 4. The Parthenon: [HERE]
5. The Parthenon: [HERE] 6. Parthenon Pictures: [HERE]
7. Parthenon Article: [HERE] 8. Parthenon Plans: [HERE]
9. Parthenon Stuff: [HERE][PDF] ??? 10. Parthenon Marbles: [HERE]
11. Parthenon (PBS): [HERE] 12. Scavenger Hunt: [HERE] [PDF]
13. Other Links (TBA): [HERE] 14. Other Links (TBA): [HERE]
15. Other Links (TBA): [HERE] 16. Other Links (TBA): [HERE]
17. Nashville's Conservancy: [HERE] 19. Nashville Parthenon FAQs: [HERE]
19. Nashville Parthenon LINKS: [HERE] 20. Scavenger Hunt ANS: [HERE] [PDF]

1. Nashville's Parthenon is the only full-sized replica of the original Parthenon.
2. Nashville's Parthenon was built for the Centennial Exposition in 1897.
3. The Parthenon's Athena scultpure was built in the 1980s by Alan LaQuire.
4. The Parthenon is a golden rectangle.
5. The Nashville Parthenon is made of concrete unlike the orignal's marble.
6. The original Parthenon was bulit as a temple to Athena.
7. The original Parthenon was destroyed in an explosion.
8. Nashville's Parthenon was built as a temporary exhibit, then made permanent.
9. Nashville's Parthenon's doors weigh many pounds and are moved on a track.
10. Nashville's Parthenon's treasury is used to model the pediments.
[HERE][PDF]: Link to the Parthenon notes from the field trip tour guide...
[HERE][PDF]: Link to the Parthenon Field Trip Test (soon)...

1. Nashville replica of Parthenon- the only full size one...
2. Athena inside the Parthenon in Nashville.
3. The remains of the "real" Parthenon in Athens.
4. The Acroplis
5. Ancient Greece/Rome Days were hopefully informative and fun...

ARCHIVED PICS from our [11.22.05] field trip:
1. Mr. P's class arrives at the Parthenon.
2. Our class sits in the Naos looking at Athena.
3. Thomas moves a 1,500 pound door!
4. Students listen to the mythology of Athena.
5. Mr. P's class takes notes about the treasury room of the Parthenon.
[HERE]: Our field trip to The Parthenon on November 22, 2005....
[HERE]: Our field trip to The Parthenon on November 22, 2005....
[HERE]: Photos of what we learned....
[HERE]: More "Candid Photos" from the trip....